Quality, experience and trust is our emblem

From 1999 Hammer has possessed the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate. In 2002 we adapted our Quality System to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 norms.

Our packaging is produced exclusively from analysed materials purchased from regularly verified suppliers. Materials utilised by us possess the essential certificates and expert opinions according to the prevailing regulations.

Hammer uses a professional pest monitoring and control system, which complies with HACCP requirements.


According to the pro-ecological policies of the Hammer Group, the following are some of the measures applied: a closed system with its own neutraliser for the chemicals from the offset systems, the exclusive use of ecological colouring agents and water lacquers. Additionally Hammer has its own waste tretment system.


A strategic aim of our management systems is the assurance of the maximum safety at work. The working environment is progressively refined by employee training programmes based on GMP communiques.